It was getting a little monotonous posting travelling pics and talking about travelling. We love it (we've been doing a little less of it lately but that's a seperate story) but for us a number of things have changed - not least of which is our own perspectives on how we want to live our lives (hint - it still involves travelling).

What our lifestyle has inspired is a number of differing life projects/pursuits which we want to share with you but which don't necessarily fit the "travelling" genre. So I'm redesigned the blog (please bear with us, it's very buggy, a work in progress) to allow us to do this.

Our first two projects are already underway and as tomorrow marks three years of us being on the road we figured there was no time like the present to give our readers a heads up on the new direction this blog will be heading.

Expect some fun/awesome/challenging projects to start appearing here very shortly...

Posted by Hamish