So the "bus boys" have a new project. It's going to be the coolest online boardgame site in NZ and they've been working hard on it and are super excited about getting it launched (in time for your Christmas present purchasing of course). It's intended as a learning exercise, but equally as a business which can raise funds for their other projects. It's already provided many unexpected learning moments and hilarity in bucket loads.

The project involves revitalising an existing online retail business with a full site rebuild, new branding, complete restocking and of course the utterly hilarious (read brutally honest) initial negotiations.

I figured the best approach to keeping them engaged was ensuring they have unfiltered say in all areas of the business's operation. They are also sharing ownership with the very astute Tony Zwies (of Yellow Design) who has been more than up for the boy's banter. Here's us trying to schedule a meeting.

'Boys are all like "are you wanting to do this or what!" (I told em you said next week for meeting) boys are like YEAH NAH!!!!'
'Hahha awesome. Tell them it's been 1 year since the conversation started. Next weeks really fast!!'

This has made the project much more worth while than if it was just them and me. I've really appreciated the added dynamic and all us involved have been working on our areas of interest which has worked really well.

The first few tasks have included deciding on the stock/quantities (this is a fairly major process with over 750 boardgames + extensions to choose from which Will has been fronting) and has included learning how to use spreadsheets and research competition sites and collating all that into a meaningful tool that informs us what we should be selling and for how much.

Another noteworthy task is developing the presentation of the business in a way that truely reflected what we were doing and who was behind it. With the excellent overseeing eye of Tony we're happy to be revealing the initial brand mark (along with the workings) that we hope will get you excited about what's to come. Ethan did the initial inspiration work for Tony who then compiled it into the brand mark (see above).

We'll be keeping you updated as we go and welcome any requests, feedback and ideas!

Posted by Hamish